A Proven Record of Results for District 87

Improving Mental Health for Minors

David sponsored Mental Health Legislation that protects our children and improves public safety in our schools. The legislation pushed by David put in place protections for minors dealing with mental health crisis and created a Task Force to review current mental health policies.

(passed in the legislature and signed into law, 2017)

Taking on the Opioid Crisis

David cosponsored a bill that directly addresses the opioid crisis by requiring more transparency and accountability from pharmacies and doctors who prescribe opioid medication.

(passed in the legislature and signed into law, 2017)

Improving Public Education

David sponsored a bill that improves public education by allowing High School Students to receive credit for pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs that prepare them for the workforce.

(passed unanimously in the legislature and signed into law, 2018)

Creating Local Jobs & Supporting Our Neighborhoods

David secured nearly $2 million in funding for local District 87 projects that created jobs, benefited our neighborhoods and improved our infrastructure.

(through various legislation, 2017 & 2018)