I am working with school officials at the state and local levels to ensure all students are learning and teachers are teaching in the safest, most productive educational environment that’s free from gun violence and health concerns.

In these challenging times, we need a comprehensive plan that offers students a full educational experience without putting at risk the safety of our children, teachers, and families.

As your State Representative, I’ll keep fighting to pay teachers a competitive wage and make college more affordable, while reducing student debt. Great schools begin with great teachers, and we need to recruit and retain the best educators.

In Tallahassee, I sponsored and passed legislation that creates opportunities for all of our students to succeed and compete in our ever-changing global economy. One of those bills, HB577, allows high school students to earn graduation credit by completing pre-apprenticeship programs while in high school, enabling them to be better prepared for the working world once they graduate.

I need your help to continue fighting for public education in Tallahassee. Learn more about my record, volunteer, and join the team visit

Fighting for our future,

David Silvers

State Representative, District 87