Fighting For Our Local Schools

David Silvers understands the importance of a strong education system. As a product of public education, David accredits much of his professional success to his strong education background. He wants to ensure our children are provided with the same opportunities he had so that they may reach their career goals. David intends to:

  • Fight for more funding for our local public schools to ensure that all of our students’ needs are met
  • Provide support in order to keep and recruit the best teachers; David will strive to raise teacher’s pay to at least the national average
  • Oppose high-stakes testing so that the goal of teaching is to better inform and educate our children instead of merely teaching to the test
  • Ensure funding for Bright Futures Scholarships is maintained and support Prepaid Programs to make college more affordable for all
  • Advocate on behalf of vocational education programs for kids who aren’t ready or do not choose to attend college. Good paying jobs are waiting for skilled workers

Bringing Jobs to Our Community

David is the President of a local business and understands the requirements that have to be met in order to meet payroll and create jobs. He will bring his executive business experience to Tallahassee so that the state legislature can start making smart investments that can improve our economy. His plan consists of:

  • Investing in opportunities for small and minority-owned businesses
  • Ensuring our kids are educated and well-prepared for their future jobs
  • Keeping taxes low for the community’s small businesses
  • Fighting for common-sense, effective solutions for budget challenges
  • Supporting bipartisan policies that work for all residents across the state of Florida

Fighting For Our Seniors

David is a successful businessman and a dedicated community advocate on many issues facing our county including the economy, education, and healthcare. He currently serves on the board at MorseLife Health Systems, a provider of health care, housing and support services for seniors and their families in Palm Beach County. David will use his experience to protect our seniors and ensure their needs are properly met. He will do this by:

  • Toughening the law on nursing homes to put a stop to abuse
  • Supporting the expansion of Medicaid to help our uninsured residents
  • Supporting Meals On Wheels as well as our other local Area Agency programs
  • Pushing for incentives to increase local transportation options for our senior citizens

Safe Neighborhoods Plan

David is a long-time community leader who has fought to improve our quality of life and is dedicated to standing up for our Democratic values. David is honored to have been endorsed by our Police and Firefighters, as they understand his commitment to improving our public safety. One of his major priorities is to ensure our first responders have the resources they need to keep our community safe. As your State Representative he will:

  • Support gun safety laws including the banning of assault weapons
  • Ensure our police and firefighters have the resources they need to protect us
  • Back programs that protect children and women from domestic violence and abuse
  • Invest in programs to keep our youth out of trouble, by supporting after school programs